Chemical safety data sheet for safe and proper storage.

The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for chemical products is a fundamentally important technical-informative document, which identifies in detail a chemical substance or mixture that is considered hazardous. 

This document sheds light on the chemical-physical characteristics of the substance, highlighting precisely the potential risks to human health and the environment. Based on this information, it provides clear guidance on the proper handling, use, storage, transport and disposal of the substance

The storage of chemicals requires scrupulous compliance with regulations and a total commitment to safety: having a Safety Data Sheet for chemicals is one of the essential elements that enables a company specialising in logistics to manage stored materials correctly and safely. 

Regulations impose strict regulations to ensure the protection of workers handling chemicals and the environment in which they are stored. In this context, it is essential to have complete and up-to-date safety data sheets for chemicals to ensure complete control over all substances in the storage location.


The structure of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 


The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) has 16 sections, or "bullets", that must be included to provide detailed safety information about a chemical substance or mixture. 

The bullet points are:

  1. Identification of the substance/mixture and the producing company/undertaking - where information about the product and the company or supplier is included;
  2. Hazard identification - a classification of the substance according to the hazards it may cause;
  3. Composition/information on ingredients - a list of the ingredients of which the substance or mixture is composed
  4. First aid measures - advice on what to do in an emergency;
  5. Fire-fighting measures - advice on how to deal with fires caused by the substance or mixture
  6. Accidental release measures - guidance on how to deal with accidental incidents or spills
  7. Handling and storage - advice on safe handling, handling and storage of the substance or mixture
  8. Exposure controls/personal protection - information on controlling exposure and personal protection measures
  9. Physical and chemical properties - details of the physical and chemical properties of the substance
  10. Stability and reactivity - information on the stability of the substance or mixture and its reactivity with other materials;
  11. Toxicological information - effects on human health resulting from exposure to the substance or mixture;
  12. Ecological information - effects on the environment resulting from use or dispersion of the substance or mixture
  13. Disposal considerations - advice on how to properly dispose of the substance or mixture;
  14. Transport information - regulations and precautions on safe transport of the substance;
  15. Regulatory information - references to specific laws and regulations relating to the substance; 16;
  16. Other information - additional relevant information that is not already present in the other sections. 

Accurate completion of the SDS is essential for regulatory compliance and adherence to procedures for the individual chemical being handled.


Chemical reactivity information: chemical incompatibility


Chemical reactivity information, often referred to as chemical incompatibility, is an important aspect of ensuring the safe storage and appropriate handling of chemicals. 

Reactivity information provides a clear perspective on how certain substances may interact with each other, creating potential risks or hazards. 

Chemical incompatibilities can trigger undesirable reactions, such as the formation of toxic gases, the release of heat or even the generation of highly flammable substances: these reactions can have serious consequences for the safety of operators, the surrounding environment and the storage facility itself. Therefore, access to detailed information on chemical incompatibilities through up-to-date chemical safety data sheets is essential to take appropriate precautions when handling, storing and using chemicals.


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