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ADR goods transport.


ADR transport of goods is strictly regulated by an European Agreement that provides detailed forms and rules for classifying, packing and transporting hazardous goods. Relying on Corsini, a company specializing in the transportation of hazardous chemicals, means being able to count on an experienced and qualified staff and a fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles that comply with the standards required by the regulations, guaranteeing safe and punctual service.

The conditions of hazardous goods transport by road.


As an expert company in the transportation of ADR goods throughout Italy, Corsini is committed to provide a complete and safe service in every respect, in accordance with current Regulations.

The responsibility of relying on companies that are not certified and unfit to perform the service falls on the shipper. Therefore, choosing a company like Corsini, which has the proper documentation and training, is the best way to preserve your goods and receive quality service in total compliance with current regulations.

With this in mind Corsini provides:

  • drivers of our vehicles transporting hazardous goods with the certificate issued by the competent authority;

  • train staff involved in loading and unloading hazardous goods on the requirements governing the transportation of goods under ADR and the responsibilities involved;

  • a hazardous goods road transport consultant, who is in charge of in-company training;

  • a consistently inspection of vehicles to ensure maximum safety.

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Fleet of vehicles for ADR transportation.

Corsini’s vehicles are a calling card for safe ADR transportation. To ensure quality service and in step with the needs of the market and customers, all vehicles are subjected to periodic maintenance, as well as provide for the improvement of the fleet according to the adjustments of safety and environmental impact regulations and technological innovation. Even the choice of partners is made according to a strict assessment of our business standard, to ensure consistent quality and continuity of service for the customer.

Our Tavazzano-based fleet for ADR good transportation throughout Italy consists of vehicles equipped with GPS tracking, to track its location all times. In this way, a modern and efficient fleet is available to customers, which allows the location of the goods entrusted to Corsini at any time.

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Hazardous goods - Classification.

The definition of "hazardous goods" includes all substances that, if not handled with proper care, can cause environmental or people's health damage. The ADR Agreement specifies which hazardous substances are classified according to the risk they may cause.

Listed here are the Hazard Classes for which Corsini is qualified to handle and transport:


Compressed, liquefied or dissolved gases under pressure


Flammable liquid


Flammable solid


Substances subject to spontaneous ignition


Substances which in contact with water develop flammable gases


Oxidizing materials


Organic peroxides


Toxic substances


Infectious matter


Corrosive substances


Hazardous substances and articles of other nature

ADR transportation services.

Full cargo

The best solution for full-load transportation is studied and recommended on the basis of individual needs. With this formula, the filling of the vehicle is at the complete disposal of a single client. Timely, safe and efficient transportation is guaranteed.


Suitable for companies that need a collection service for shipments independent of the size and volume of the goods: a formula that guarantees flexibility and optimization of costs and space. The service is designed on the basis of requests, including direct pickup and delivery service.

Value-added services

Corsini offers a wide range of value-added services to support bureaucratic needs in transportation and shipping.From the preparation of the routing to the tracking of goods up to the point of delivery.

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