Transportation and storage of hazardous goods.


Corsini is a company specializing in the transport and storage of hazardous goods, operating throughout Italy, which ensures a complete, safe service that complies with current regulations.

With a focus on safety, constant checks and the training update of the staff, the customer is guaranteed a safe service and ongoing assistance.

Thanks to satellite geolocation of vehicles, tracking of goods and monitoring of levels and quantities of hazardous substances in our warehouses, Corsini ensures efficient, controlled and risk-free service at all times. Finally, the flexibility and customization of solutions ensure that the shipping and storage needs of all customers are met.

ADR Transport.

Corsini offers the best ADR transport formulas, providing a punctual, precise and quality service and guaranteeing our clients constant assistance. ADR transport (transportation of dangerous goods) is regulated by specific rules concerning goods, personnel and vehicles used. Corsini is certified and complies with each of the requirements according to the current regulations. Corsini experienced and continually updated staff is able to offer a complete safe service. Find out the Risk Classes for which the company is certified for the handling of hazardous goods.

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With the large warehouse area used for the storage of hazardous goods based in Tavazzano, Corsini falls under the list of SEVESO establishments, complying with the instruction that ensures safety systems and monitoring of stored dangerous substances. For each logistic operation, high-tech tools are adopted, subject to constant controls and able to provide accurate information about the materials in the logistics area, at all times.

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Quality and Safety.

Corsini guarantees ADR-certified equipment, fire and intrusion detection systems and constant active security. At the basis of the services offered, there is compliance with legally sanctioned criteria, methods and requirements to ensure high quality shipment of hazardous goods throughout Italy. In 2003, Corsini obtained the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate conferred by Bureau Veritas as proof of focus on corporate quality.

According to the Directives of Legislative Decree No. 40 of 04/02/2000, Corsini makes use of the services of a Dangerous Goods Road Transport Safety Consultant, who is licensed to regulate the transportation of Class 2 (Gas) and Class 3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 5.2, 6.1, 6.2, 8, 9 (Solids and Liquids) goods.