Hazardous goods transportation company.


Since 1956, Corsini has been an excellent partner for the chemical industry, thanks to the constant evolution that has allowed to take in the technological, environmental and economic needs of the sector and translate them into high-level services for all clients. As a company specializing in the transportation of hazardous goods, based in Tavazzano, near Lodi, and operating throughout Italy, Corsini offers ADR transport and logistics solutions for hazardous goods and chemicals with a guaranteed standard of quality and safety.



The goal of Corsini company is to propose the best solution, purpose-built according to the needs of the individual company, to provide a high quality, accurate and fast service to all our customers when it comes to chemical transportation.

The investments in innovative technologies with guaranteed safety and quality standards enable the company to work at high industry standards and meet the needs of every business types.

Continuing education

Advanced technology

ISO 9001/2015 quality


From generation to generation.

Giulio Corsini founds the company based in Milan, Italy. It all starts with tanker transport of chemicals



His son Andrea Corsini joins the company. The company begins to enter the chemical world and the transportation of ADR goods

Corsini moves to San Giuliano Milanese headquarters. With the 10,000-square-meter warehouse, the integrated logistics division is born



Obtains ISO 9001 Quality Certification awarded by Bureau Veritas. As a guarantee of commitment to quality and customer satisfaction

Company moves headquarters to Tavazzano con Villavesco. Department of logistics dedicated to hazardous chemicals is developed



Third generation fits in with Giulia Corsini. Definition of subjection to Seveso regulation Legislative Decree 105/15



Direct, continuous and personalized assistence.

Customers are provided with constant assistance and updates on all the details of the handling and storage of hazardous goods. Corsini wants to be the point of reference for those who rely on a company specializing in the transportation of hazardous goods operating in Lodi and throughout Italy. Corsini’s staff is always ready for any needs and offers direct, continuous, and personalized assistance for every problem.

Safety and Quality.

For Corsini, safety is a real priority: daily checks are carried out, both of the vehicles and of the logistics area, and the use of certified equipement is guaranteed. Complying with the international ADR agreement, Corsini adopts criteria and methods for a safe and precise transport. The company makes use of a Consultant for the Safety of Transport of Hazardouz Goods by Road, according to the regulations of the ADR services.

Innovative and advanced technology.

Corsini’s goal is to provide an up-to-date service also from a technological point of view: maximum security in the management of our customers' data is guaranteed, thanks to cloud technology. Everything is digitized and, thanks to the Online Tracking Live function, it is possible to locate your goods at any time. Even the logistics department is equipped with latest generation software for quantity control, in this way Corsini’s staff has a daily picture of the situation of the goods in stock in the warehouses.

Quality certification and warranty.

In 2003 the company obtained ISO 9001 Quality Certification, synonymous with a high standard of quality and safety, as a company operating in the transport of hazardous goods.

Permits of the Seveso directive.

As a company that deals with the logistics of chemical products, Corsini can boast of obtaining the necessary permits related to the Seveso III Directive. To be an establishment authorized to fall under the SEVESO regulations means complying with certain levels of caution in the goods management, strengthening specific controls and adopting required safety measures in risk prevention. All this translates into the provision of quality and safety services for customers.

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