Corrosive material transportation service: choosing qualified ADR carriers.

When it comes to the transportation service of corrosive materials, choosing qualified ADR-certified carriers is of paramount importance. The ADR Agreement sets international standards for the safe transport of dangerous goods, including corrosive materials belonging to Class 8: opting for qualified ADR carriers ensures that the handling and delivery of these substances takes place in strict compliance with regulations and safety procedures. 

Let's take a look in this article at the characteristics of Class 8 corrosive substances, the indications for Packing Groups and the changes introduced in this regard by the 2023 ADR Agreement. 


Substances of Class 8 - Corrosive Substances


Corrosive substances are chemicals that can cause damage to living materials and tissues due to their ability to destroy or erode. This damage is often the result of chemical reactions with surrounding materials. Corrosive materials can be liquid, solid or gaseous and are often characterised by a high degree of acidity or alkalinity.

Corrosive substances are categorised in Class 8 of the dangerous goods classification system. This classification, an integral part of the dangerous goods transport system, organises substances into classes according to their hazard characteristics. Class 8, therefore, includes substances that present corrosion hazards to both inorganic materials and organic tissues: these substances can be harmful if they come into contact with the skin, eyes or other tissues of the human body.

Common examples of corrosive Class 8 substances include strong acids (such as hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid) and strong bases (such as sodium hydroxide). These substances are used in various industries, such as the chemical industry, battery production, metalworking and other industrial processes involving aggressive chemicals.

The transport of Class 8 materials is subject to strict rules and regulations to ensure safety during handling and delivery. These regulations include specific requirements for packaging, labelling, transport and emergency procedures to minimise the risks associated with transporting corrosive materials.


Packaging groups for the corrosive substances transport service


Packing groups play a key role in the transport service of corrosive substances: these groups are assigned to substances according to their degree of hazard and their ability to completely damage the surface layer of the skin within a specific period of exposure.

Class 8 substances are divided into three packing groups, depending on their degree of danger during transport:

  • Packing group I: this group includes highly corrosive substances that can completely damage the surface layer of the skin within 60 minutes of observation, if exposed for 3 minutes or less.
  • Packing group II: This includes corrosive substances which may completely damage the surface layer of the skin within 14 days of observation, if exposed for more than 3 minutes but not more than 60 minutes.
  • Packing group III: This group includes weakly corrosive substances which may completely damage the surface layer of the skin within 14 days of observation, if exposed for more than 60 minutes but not more than 4 hours. Alternatively, it includes substances which, although they do not completely damage the surface layer of the skin, show a corrosion rate of more than 6.25 mm per year on steel or aluminium surfaces at 55°C.


What's new in the ADR 2023 Agreement for packaging corrosive substances


The new features introduced in the ADR 2023 Agreement for corrosive substances in Class 8 concern the automatic assignment to Packing Group I for those corrosive substances to which it is not possible to assign a group according to standard tests. This change represents a significant step forward in strengthening the safe handling of the transport of hazardous substances in accordance with international regulations.


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