Storage of Chemical Products: the secrets of a safe warehouse.

For a company involved in the storage of chemicals, safety must come first. Dealing with and handling hazardous goods on a daily basis requires strict compliance with regulations in order to protect both the warehouse workforce and the environment.

Following the rules to ensure a safe storage warehouse allows you to

  • minimise the risks to which both employees and the environment may be exposed;
  • reduce the risk of accidents, such as fires and explosions;
  • comply with safety regulations and obligations imposed by law.

What does hazardous chemicals storage mean?

Hazardous goods are defined as substances, mixtures or products with characteristics that can, if not properly managed, endanger human health and the environment. Specifically, chemical storage means the storage of substances for the purpose of being used in production activities or for subsequent transport. 

Chemical storage can take place in different ways, using containers and packaging depending on the type of substance and in different quantities. Depending on the type of chemical, the quantity of the chemical and the method of storage, the possible risks vary and, consequently, the reference regulations to be observed by the companies dealing with them.


The possible risks of storing substances 

As already mentioned, the risks that can arise from the storage of chemicals depend on several factors:

  • the type of hazardous chemical to be stored;
  • the quantity of the chemical;
  • the storage conditions, which may concern both the warehouse, i.e. the means and equipment it is provided with, and the environmental conditions, by which is meant the temperature inside the storage area, humidity, exposure to sunlight
  • how the products are organised and stored inside the warehouse, by which is meant also how they are placed side by side
  • how they are handled by the staff, related to specific safety training.

All these factors can affect the risks associated with storing hazardous goods. To limit and prevent damage related to the incorrect handling of substances and to respond promptly to any unforeseen events, it is important to respect specific criteria and strict safety regulations.



Safety guidelines to follow

In order to ensure safe and quality chemical storage, it is important to take certain aspects into consideration, starting with the identification of the chemicals to be stored and ending with the preparation of an emergency plan.

Identifying the level of hazardousness of chemicals

Using Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 of the European Parliament, companies storing chemicals must prepare a safety data sheet for all chemicals that are present in the storage warehouse. This information is used to define the level of hazard, together with the measurement of the levels of substances in the storage area.


Ensuring safe warehouse conditions

In order to ensure maximum safety within storage warehouses, it is essential to respect certain conditions. These relate to the design of the warehouse and its spaces, the choice of containers in which products are stored, the provision of real-time substance monitoring systems, and the activation of video surveillance and fire-fighting systems to intervene in case of emergency. 


Preparing the emergency plan

Finally, a warehouse dedicated to the storage of chemicals must have an emergency and self-protection plan that must be activated in the event of accidents, leaks and errors. The emergency plan must contain the action protocol, i.e. all the instructions to be followed in the event of dangerous situations.

Corsini, with a logistics area dedicated to the storage of chemical products in Tavazzano, wants to offer its customers a safe and efficient service. In compliance with the regulations in force, it follows all the necessary guidelines to guarantee safe storage. The warehouse is equipped with anti-intrusion systems, computerised quantity control systems, high-expansion foam fire-fighting systems and REI doors capable of sealing the logistics area in 120 seconds. 

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