Online tracking of dangerous goods shipments: the importance of tracking.

Online tracking of dangerous goods shipments is a crucial aspect of ensuring safety, efficiency and regulatory compliance in the ADR transport sector. 

In an increasingly globalised world and with an increasing movement of dangerous goods, accurate tracking becomes an indispensable feature for companies and professionals in the sector, who have to handle goods on a daily basis that may pose a risk to health, the environment and road safety.

Thanks to online tracking, it is possible to know exactly when goods are delivered, so that you are informed about the transport conditions and the actual completion of the shipment. 

In this article we will look at why it is important to ensure online tracking of hazardous goods shipments and how this is done.


Why it is important to track shipments: monitoring and safety first


Tracking and security are important aspects of ensuring a reliable and compliant delivery process. Let's take a look at why shipment tracking and the constant monitoring of goods during transport is so important for the handling of dangerous goods.

  • It makes it possible to intervene in emergency situations and prevent potential accidents. Personnel can take immediate action to reduce negative impacts. For example, in the event of an anomaly in the temperature of a flammable cargo, they can intervene with refrigerants.
  • Delays in delivery can be identified and decisions taken to avoid negative impacts on business operations. Decisions can be made, for example, to identify alternative routes to ensure that goods arrive at their destination in the shortest possible time.
  • It reduces the risk of loss, theft or mishandling of goods. Any deviations or suspicious movements can be detected enabling timely intervention, such as alerting the authorities or activating additional security measures. 
  • Facilitates collaboration between those involved in the movement of goods. Ensures timely communication between drivers, end customers and forwarders.
  • Ensures operational efficiency. With access to real-time information, transport operations can be optimised by tracking routes and coordinating transport with logistics steps in an optimal way.


Furthermore, when transporting dangerous goods, it is necessary to comply with strict safety standards and carry specific documentation: online tracking allows you to keep track of all the information needed to prove compliance in the event of inspections.


Real-time control of deliveries with online tracking


Online tracking of dangerous goods shipments offers an effective solution for monitoring and controlling the flow of goods along the entire transport route. The operation is based on a digital information network that connects the different figures involved in the shipment: tracking devices are used to monitor each stage of the transport, from the origin to the final destination.

Tracking data is updated and made available in real time, allowing a complete and detailed view of the progress of shipments and sending notifications in case of problems or delays.


Reliability and transparency: with Corsini every customer can control their goods


At Corsini we understand how important it is to offer our customers an efficient and up-to-date online tracking service. 

We provide login credentials for each customer, so that they can access the online tracking platform. With an easy-to-use tool, it is possible to access shipment information.

Through our advanced system, customers are able to:

  • follow their goods every step of the way by checking the progress of shipments;
  • have real-time confirmation of the delivery made.


Contact us to find out about our ADR transport and online shipment tracking service.