National groupage transports: how do they work?.

Domestic groupage transports are part of a type of shipment that consists of combining several goods into a single load. When goods are bundled together in a groupage shipment, this is referred to as consolidation, while degroupage is when the consignments of goods are separated and delivered at different destinations.


The transport of partial loads

The term 'groupage', or partial load or groupage transport, refers to the type of shipment that allows several shipments of goods to be grouped together in a single transport service: the vehicle used for the shipment is not, therefore, occupied to its full capacity by a single customer, but the full load is shared with other companies

National groupage transports are suitable for those companies that handle small quantities of goods very frequently and require shipments that are closer together in time.

At the basis of this type of transport is the optimisation of space and vehicle load in order to satisfy all those customers who need to ship small goods that individually would not be able to complete a load. 

It is essential, for this type of shipment, that the goods are combined in the correct way, to avoid accidents and damage to the products: groupage shipment methods are defined in the shipment contract. 


The advantages of domestic groupage freight

National groupage transports are an advantageous solution in many respects

  • they are economical, as the transport company can keep costs lower for small batches of goods because the overall transport costs are divided among all the principals of the service;
  • they guarantee closer shipments in time;
  • they reach different national and international destinations, based on specific needs;
  • the goods are constantly monitored;
  • they reduce environmental pollution because fewer vehicles are in circulation.


Put your trust in experts for ADR groupage transport

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  • ensure care in the combination of different types of dangerous goods, guaranteeing the safety of the load and personnel;
  • also be able to take advantage of the dangerous goods storage and logistics service.

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