Hazardous goods management: the importance of warehouse traceability.

The proper management of hazardous substances is a key priority for companies dealing with hazardous goods. The safety of workers, the preservation and health of the surrounding environment and the protection of people outside the company must be essential objectives for the company. In this context, the traceability of stored goods is a very important aspect, because it provides an accurate and detailed monitoring system for the handling and storage of such substances.


In this article, we will examine the importance of a proper hazardous goods management procedure in the warehouse and the implementation of a control system for safe and efficient storage of goods. 


The hazardous goods management procedure


The best practices to ensure efficient management of hazardous goods in storage facilities are:

  • identification of the substances, to understand the characteristics of the goods, their safety information and the types of risks involved;
  • the registration of inputs and outputs from the warehouse, with a detailed document to monitor substance fluxes and detect any leaks and problems;
  • batch management, to position substances in the correct way, avoiding bringing goods into contact that could generate accidents caused by proximity reactions;
  • deadline management, to ensure that goods are disposed of safely and on time;
  • the use of automated goods tracking systems, using codes and software solutions to improve monitoring efficiency.


Proper management of hazardous goods is essential to comply with current safety regulations, minimising the risk of accidents and penalties.


Warehouse quantity control for safe storage


Safe storage of dangerous goods is a key priority for companies dealing with them: to ensure a safe warehouse, the implementation of goods traceability systems is important.
The advantages of a monitoring and quantity control system are:

  1. to have an overview of the situation, i.e. a complete and detailed view of the activities taking place within the warehouse in order to monitor the flow of hazardous goods and the operations taking place;
  2. to be able to quickly identify critical situations, so that immediate action can be taken to address risk situations and take preventive measures;
  3. being able to prevent accidents, significantly reducing the risk of damage to people, the environment and infrastructure;
  4. increasing operational efficiency, as detailed knowledge of activities enables operations to be optimised; 
  5. being compliant with regulations, as it helps to better manage dangerous goods by ensuring compliance with current regulations.  


Choosing innovation-conscious logistics: Corsini

When it comes to selecting a partner for the storage and management of hazardous goods, the most advantageous option is to rely on a cutting-edge company that demonstrates attention to innovation and is equipped with quantitative control systems.

Thanks to the use of advanced tracking and control systems, Corsini offers efficient and reliable logistics, guaranteeing maximum precision in the management of the quantities of goods in stock. This innovative approach allows you to have a complete overview of the status of your goods, which can also be consulted remotely. 


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