Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor: who is it and what changes with the appointment obligation.

The Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor is a figure specialised in providing assistance and advice to companies involved in the transport of dangerous goods, to ensure compliance with the international regulations established by the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). This is essential as it provides specific, in-depth and up-to-date expertise on the regulations, safety practices and operational procedures to be followed.

The role of the Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor is important because they help companies understand and adhere to current regulations, avoid violations and penalties, work to identify and reduce the risks of accidents, and ensure the adoption of best operational and safety practices.

The role of Advisor can be assigned to an internal member of the company or to an external employee, provided in both cases they have completed the mandatory training required by law and participated in periodic updates.


What is the Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor responsible for?


The Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor has the main task of facilitating activities related to the packing, loading, unloading and shipping of goods, ensuring that the relevant regulations and maximum safety conditions are met.

Specifically, the Advisor who is appointed is obliged to:

  • define the procedures for identifying the dangerous goods to be transported 
  • ensure that the personnel involved in the transport of dangerous goods have detailed instructions;
  • inform the company about legislative regulations and specific requirements concerning the transport of dangerous goods;
  • verify the existence and implementation of the security plan required by the regulations;
  • implement appropriate emergency procedures to deal with accidents or incidents;
  • verify that security documents and safety equipment are on board the vehicles and that they are compliant;
  • offer adequate training to company personnel, providing information on updates to regulations;
  • draw up reports on accidents and incidents occurring during transport or loading and unloading operations and prepare an initial and annual report for the company's legal representative. 


The Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor therefore plays a key role in the company's compliance with the regulations in force, verifying that the provisions relating to the handling of dangerous goods are observed.  


ADR Agreement 2023 and the appointment of the Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor


The transport of dangerous goods is regulated by the ADR Agreement, which is updated every two years: with the latest update, the appointment of the ADR advisor has been extended to all entities that ship dangerous goods, including those defined as 'shippers'. 

As of 1 January 2023, all companies involved in the transport of dangerous goods, including shippers, are obliged to appoint a specialised safety advisor. The obligation is also extended to companies carrying out occasional shipments or shipments of minimal quantities of dangerous goods and/or waste for transport purposes.

According to chapter of the ADR, "companies involved in the transport of dangerous goods only as shipper and which have not appointed a safety advisor in accordance with the provisions applicable until 31 December 2018, are obliged, by 31 December 2022, to appoint a safety advisor, by way of derogation from the provisions of that were in force from 1 January 2019."


This measure makes it possible to ensure a high level of safety and compliance with regulations during the transport of dangerous goods, reinforcing the importance of the figure of the consultant specialised in managing transport operations in a safe and efficient way.


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